What To Expect When You’re Expecting -- Jays Fans

The Blue Jays Offseason Thoughts to Spring Training and 2017

It’s been one shit show of an off-season for all of Blue Jays Nation. Together we went down swinging against Cleveland that 'left' (in the form of Andrew Miller) zero Tribesters shaking in their boots – ahem – Joey Bats. But fuck that was 2016 and now it’s 2017 – where the Tribe have gone all in and Jays fans STILL expect to win. The boys are back in the Grapefruit League of their own where the only lallygagging comes in the form of the Texas swagger of Gibbers, so dare I say, 'the boys are back in town' – sort of, and Jays fans are straight up kicking snow with excitement. But holy shit Jays fans - what an off-season, right?

It went from rejected qualifying offers from EE and Joey Bats (expected - of course) to the EE contract extension, lest we forget – to the quick decision on Morales. It was tough trying to understand the inflated slugger market where Cleveland took it to us again by signing OUR own. It’s been a confusing winter of Jose? Maybe? No. Jose? Why the fuck not? No -- to Jose AGAIN? Is this a fucking joke? Is it? Well? It isn't - followed by a JOSE! JOSE! JOSE! JOSE! And before the Jose on-again, off-again tune, the Shapiro/Atkins clan tried with their best of resources – ahem Rogers – by offering what they could to a Mr. Dexter Fowler who flies off to become a red bird. Fuckin Cardinals (who also overpaid for Brett Cecil too). And while this was happening, Jays fans had to read about the woes of Boston and their committed effort to stay under the luxury tax this year – could you fuckin’ imagine if that were a problem the Torono FO had to manage – ahem again - ROGERS. Now this isn’t some negative rant, it’s a simple reflection that saw the likes of EE leave and take his Edwings across Lake Erie, Morales fly North where it definitely isn’t Kansas dude, the Joey Bats Juice 2017 signing, and Chris Sale who signs with who else? Fucking Boston. And now here we are – all business aside and holy shit the Jays are STILL good.

So what do you expect when you’re expecting Jays fans? We expect wins, don’t we? We expect another play-off run. We expect Jose to hit 35 booster bombs with 100 + RBIs. We expect Tulo to stay healthy and slash better numbers and be the leader he is. We expect Devo to come back and do what he can without any bullshit injuries. We expect the switch-hitting Morales to hit 30 + royals, take advantage of a hitter friendly park and put up a nice spark of baseball numbers. We expect Pearce to man first (not Smoak) and actually hit - unlike Smoak. And what’s not to expect from JD? Right? That’s right. Martin? Right? And don't the Jays have the best starting pitching in the East? Sanchez? Stroman? Estrada? Happ? Liriano? What about Osuna? Grilli? Biagini? They should keep this bullpen thing - some kind of a stable thing, right?

So what - maybe we’re scared of the LF situation. Maybe we’re a bit scared of the bullpen situation. Maybe we aren't thrilled about how many at bats Smoak might get. And that’s fine – let’s give that shit time. But there is a lot to expect when you’re expecting and predictions are spit in the can anyway. So here’s to the arduous season ahead Jays fans, the moot baseball talks over summer beers, the uncouth Jays fans that goad the rest of the MLB, here’s to us – it’s spring training 2017. Fuck yeah, let’s PLAY BALL – sort of, it’s still February.

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